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Build a foundation for college and career success

Build a foundation for college and career success

Pathways to WGU Degree Programs

All pathways include one-to-one professional coaching.
Work with a Success Coach to identify and achieve your goals.


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Healthcare and Nursing

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Computer Science

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College and Career Readiness

At WGU Academy, you choose the pathway that’s right for you.
We can get you where you want to go!

Single Courses

A single course of study allows you to attend the WGU Academy

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Guaranteed Admission to WGU

These programs are specifically designed to get you on the roll at WGU or one of our partner universities

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The coaching connection

Success Coaches set WGU Academy apart, and they’ll help you stand out, too!

When you enroll at WGU Academy, you’ll be matched with a Success Coach. Your coach will help spark your motivation and reveal your strengths so you can drive the change you want most.

With WGU Academy, you’ll learn to achieve more of your goals, advance your career, change your relationships, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between WGU and WGU Academy?
WGU created WGU Academy to provide a college-readiness program with guaranteed admission to WGU, plus there's the option to take single courses or earn certifications. While everyone can succeed in college under the right circumstances, WGU recognizes that not everyone who wants to go to WGU is ready for a full course load and a six-month tuition plan. We're here to help you accomplish your academic goals no matter where that will take you. WGU Academy offers courses that help you develop the skills that can dramatically increase the likelihood of success in a WGU degree program. You'll havethe opportunity to strengthen their motivation, confidence, and academic preparedness.
How does the “Guaranteed Admission to WGU” option work?
If you enroll in WGU Academy's guaranteed admission pathway, you'll only have to complete two courses to meet WGU's academic admission requirements. Once you complete the required transferable courses with a grade of C or better, you will only need to clear any remaining non-academic requirements to enroll at WGU, including sending in transcripts from other colleges and any other special pre-enrollment steps. See the course requirements in each section or talk to your WGU Academy Enrollment Counselor for more details. (Note: WGU Academy's admission guarantee does not currently cover some WGU programs.)
Why coaching?
We prefer coaches and coaching methodology as it demonstrates strong efficacy in helping you connect to your values and future goals and utilizing the strengths that you already have.
Is WGU Academy accredited?
Only colleges or universities can be accredited. Although WGU created WGU Academy, it is not accredited but an approved course provider to WGU. As mentioned above, the academic courses are fully transferable to WGU programs. (This approach is not rare; many other course providers—including the U.S. military—are not accredited but whose courses are transferable for college credit.)
Will my WGU Academy courses transfer to other schools?
Yes, in many cases. The ACE Credit Recommendation Service has reviewed all WGU Academy courses. ACE CREDIT's College and University Network comprises more than 2,000 higher education institutions that consider ACE credit recommendations for transfer to degree programs. The receiving institution determines which courses are transferable. Because WGU Academy articulates primarily with WGU, if your primary goal is to attend another institution, make sure the courses will transfer by checking with the receiving academic institution.
Why is tuition at WGU Academy different from tuition at WGU?
WGU Academy's tuition is billed monthly, while WGU's flat-rate tuition covers a full 6-month term. We want to make it possible for new students to start their experience with minimal risk, complete a couple of challenging courses, and then transfer into a WGU degree program with the confidence of knowing you belong in college.
Is financial aid available?
Regular federal financial aid is not available to WGU Academy students. However, WGU Academy does offer need-based scholarships. See the next question for more information on scholarships. You can also speak to your WGU Academy enrollment counselor if you have questions about paying your tuition.
How quickly can I finish and enroll at WGU?
Perhaps very quickly! It depends on how much time you're able to dedicate to your coursework –finishing your required WGU Academy courses in as little as 2 to 3 months is very doable. Your WGU Academy transcript can then be sent immediately to WGU. You may have non-academic requirements to complete at WGU—such as financial aid—but we encourage you to finish your WGU Academy program in the shortest time possible.